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Sockets are still a work in progress. With approximately 2 million lower limb amputees in the US, the socket process can be frustrating and outdated. Many transfemoral (above knee) amputees and prosthetists understand the need for stability along with comfort, adjustability, reduced office visits, and adaptability to everyday life. Click on the links below to learn more about some of the optional socket designs.

Socketless Socket.jpeg

The Socketless Socket by Martin Bionics is customizable, adjustable, and light.

iFit socket.jpeg

iFit fits in a single visit, adjust whenever and wherever, lighter weight, easy on and off, and comes in standard and wide sizes.


With RevoFit, user-adjustability can be built anywhere on the socket.

Connect TF.webp

Connect TF by Ossur, for low active amputees, has easy on/off handle, and adjustable height and volume.

Infinite Socket.jpeg

Infinite Socket by Lim Innovations has precise adjustability, dynamic frame, and improved pressure distribution.

Varos Socket.jpeg

Varos by Ottobock is adjustable, lightweight, easy on and off, and easier and faster fitting.


HiFi Interface System by biodesigns uses a HiFi Imager for bone capture and socket optimization.

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